Marigold Lighting staff and Veg-Out Distributing (Thanks Tom!), California distributor of Marigold Lights, headed out to Denver last weekend to attend the BIG Industry Show and debut our Econolux lights.  If you’re not familiar with our lights, they use a special blend of phosphors to give you the bands of light that your plants want for photosynthesis.  Our lights focus on these bands which allow you to saturate your plants with the colors they thrive on.  This saves you money over time since you’re not paying electricity for bands of light you’re plant doesnt really want.  BIG was our first rodeo and we weren’t sure what to expect but none of us expected it to go as well as it did, especially with us being the new guys on the block and all.

We arrived Sunday and finished some last minute running around.  We got to sleep late and woke up early so we could finish some more shopping and get to the show in time to set up.  I received a call from Angie at BIG asking if we could help them with a situation.  Supposedly, the original person that was bringing lights to the show didnt follow through and they needed lights and fast!  We got to the show and by Monday afternoon, we brought our lights and were ready to plug them in, just in time for the show to start on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, we headed over to the horticulture section to see the lovely little hemp ladies that Veronica from (Awesome site btw!) lent to the show.  Every single one of her poor ladies were in shock, looking sad and leaves drooping heavily.  At this point, the plants were set under all of the manufacturers lights including ours, Black Dog LED, ProMaxGrow, and others.  This is where things get very interesting.  As we worked at our booth in another area, we didn’t necessarily have much time to check on things in the horticulture section.  Sure, we knew the plants would be okay under our lights but we didn’t expect what happened next.  After about 8 hours, we had noticed that all of the plants under our lights were back to normal.  When I say back to normal, I mean the leaves perked up and weren’t droopy and the ladies were looking healthy again.  We also took noticed of the plants under everyone else’s lights.  Two companies bombarded plants by overpowering their lights to the point where leaves were several leaves were turning upside down and one washed the plants out to the point where they were a light green compared to all of the other plants which were a dark green (Viewed after being pulled from under the lights).  We have pictures that we took that show these differences but we’ll save those for another day.

By the end of the show, we had new customers, leads for new accounts, made a ton of new friends, and felt we really made an impact on everyone.  Plus, we met some AWESOME new people like Damon and Sandra from Easy Butter, Gus & Garret and the crew next door from Dab Dip, Angie and Mike from BIG, Dalene and Elizabeth from Denver Mart, among a ton of other people!  We really felt like we were able to get through to the growers and they understood our product and what makes our lights stand out.  Plus, having our PAR meter and being able to show people exactly how much of each color you’re getting out of lights really helped us.  We’re big believers in showing proof and that’s what we did.

Due to the success of this show, we plan on attending more in the near future.  Make sure to keep an eye out for Marigold Lighting at the next event and stop by and say hi!