Marigold Lighting offers a T5 lamp that allows for easy retrofit into existing systems and an affordable solution for getting into PAR lights.  Our lamps come in a variety which empowers the grower to select the best combination of lights based on what their plants want.  Our T5 lamps come with prongs on either end to fit into any standard T5 light fixture or you can pair it with one of our single tube fixtures.

T5 lights are 54W and we cover the full spectrum of PAR, the light curve your plants want and thrive on.  Need more information on PAR?  Make sure to watch the videos on our homepage that discuss it in detail.  Once you understand PAR, you’ll know why our lights outshine the rest.

When ordering, please specify which lights (VG, FL, UV, XR) you would like in the NOTES section of your order form.  If we do not receive a breakdown of what you want, you will receive the number ordered for whichever light you selected.

Minimum order:
(10) lights:  We have a 10 light minimum order due to shipping costs.  The lights are an odd and over-sized shape and we require 10 in order to provide a safe method to ship.  We hope to provide alternative shipping options and minimums in the future but 10 is our minimum as of right now.

Light Options:
Our lights come in 4 different options to best suit the needs of your plants.
VG (Vegetative): Comes with blue end caps
FL (Flowering): Comes with gold end caps
UV (Ultraviolet): Comes with ultraviolet end caps
XR (Xtreme Red): Comes with red end caps.  This light helps to simulate sunrise and sunset and we recommend running them for 15 minutes during the beginning and end of your daily light cycle.

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