Marigold Lighting offers a cost-effective PAR Induction lamp that comes with a universal adapter that will allow you to hardwire a standard electrical pigtail directly to the unit.

Our PAR Induction lamps offer a full spectrum output, significant energy and maintenance savings, long lifespan, excellent lumen maintenance, low heat-signature, different models to accommodate the needs of different plant types, a reasonable price, and a short payback period. How can you go wrong with that combination?  Induction lights are available in 300W and come in a rectangular shape.  These unique lights cover the full spectrum of PAR, the light curve your plants want and thrive on.  Need more information on PAR?  Make sure to watch the videos on our homepage that discuss it in detail.  Once you understand PAR, you’ll know why our lights outshine the rest.

Light Options:
Our lights come in 2 different options to best suit the needs of your plants.
VG (Vegetative): Comes with blue end caps
FL (Flowering): Comes with gold end caps

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